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Traffic Distributors Terms of Service

General Policy

TrafficDistributors.com general policy is to act as the provider of a traffic distribution system. TrafficDistributors.com reserves the right to refuse, suspend or cancel a Member or Partner's access to any or all services provided by TrafficDistributors.com if we determines that the account has been inappropriately used.

TrafficDistributors.com forbids anyone from using our services for sites that contain anything illegal. This includes pornographic, racist, abusive, or anything that may possibly offend the general public. Sites must not contain any type of popup ads or messages (including javascript errors), code downloads, frame breaker code, redirects, site rotation code, music, or sounds. Sites that are not complete, under construction, or banner and link farms may not be accepted.

You are allowed only one account on our system. Anyone found with duplicate accounts will have them removed. Members and Partners must agree to receive emails from our system regarding news, updates, or special offers. Bounced or returned emails, or the use of an autoresponder will result in the cancellation of your account.

Use of our system implies your acceptance of our Terms of Service. We do not share any type of Member or Partner information with any other parties although we may provide a url link on our system to all Partner Systems.

Payment Policies

Members agree to pay all charges relating to the use of Member's account according to the rates and prices stated on said sales order at the time of commencement. All traffic campaigns are setup on a pre-pay basis. TrafficDistributors.com reserves the right to change prices at any time. Payments are presently set up to be submitted using the PayPal payment processing system.


TrafficDistributors.com will guarantee that all traffic campaigns will deliver the amount of visitors ordered, and that all sites will be shown for the minimum amount of time required. We have an encrypted tracking system in use to prevent cheating and abuse of our system. If your site is not shown for the required amount of time, you will not be charged for that exposure.


All fees paid in advance of cancellation will be pro-rated and the difference returned to Member unless the cancellation was caused by Members violation of the TrafficDistributors.com terms of service. No refunds will be issued in this case. Refunds will be issued using the PayPal payment processing system.

Right To Refuse Service

TrafficDistributors.com reserves the right to refuse or cancel our services at any time to anyone for any reason. We enforce this policy to ensure a professional environment for all Members and Partners on our network system. This right will never be executed without a reasonable and documented cause.

Lawful Purpose

Members that use our system for illegal activities will have their account immediately canceled without refund of any fees. This applies to both Member and Partner accounts. Members and Partners hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless TrafficDistributors.com for any claim resulting from the use of illegal materials.

Password Protection

Members and Partners are responsible for all use of their account and confidentially of their password. TrafficDistributors.com will not be responsible for lost, stolen or otherwise compromised passwords.

Member Site Content

TrafficDistributors.com will not deliver visitors to any sites with popup, popunder, exit, java alerts, or any type of javascript box ads. Any additional window generated by your site shall be considered a popup window, including "FLYIN ADS". Your advertised page can not have background music, sounds, or any type of audio, contain scripts that alter users browser settings, contain any frame breaking codes, or contain any type of hidden downloads. No adult or sex related content of any type will be allowed. This includes sites advertising sex enhancement drugs or sex toys. No redirect urls or page rotators are allowed. If a violation is dicovered at any time, we will stop the campaign and you will not be entitled to a refund.


TrafficDistributors.com cannot be held responsible for factors beyond our control that may interfere with our ability to deliver visitors to your site. Such factors include, but are not limited to: downtime on your server, overuse of your bandwidth quota (if applicable), errors on your site, and network outages beyond our servers. Please contact your web hosting company or network provider if you are unsure about whether your hosting account is sufficient for the traffic you are ordering.


TrafficDistributors.com will not be held responsible for any damages your business may suffer. TrafficDistributors.com cannot and does not exercise any control whatsoever over the information passing through its network or through the Internet. TrafficDistributors.com reserves the right to revise its terms of service at any time.

Members and Partners understand that TrafficDistributors.com services may be interrupted for several reasons, including but not limited to: malfunctions, maintenance, improvement or other problems beyond our control.

Members and Partners understand that they may not receive advance notification of any such interruption of service. Anytime we have a scheduled outage, Members and Partners will be notified in advance via email. TrafficDistributors.com shall not be liable for any delay in or failure to perform the services caused by circumstances entirely beyond its control such as those occasioned by acts of God or other causes or which it could not have reasonably foreseen or any other cause which similarly impedes the providing of service.

Members and Partners are responsible for maintaining their own profiles to include updating of their email addresses which our system may use to send out notices regarding your account or traffic campaign status.


In the present context, a visit generally occurs when a page is loaded from your server. A hit occurs when a file is loaded from your web server. Since loading a single web page can cause several files to load (e.g. images), several hits usually occur when a page is loaded. Thus, the number of hits is always greater than (or equal to) the number of visits. The term "number of visitors" is interchangeable with the term "number of visits." Several "visits" may originate from a single IP address or individual. This generally occurs when an individual returns to or reloads a web page.

Spam or UCE

Warning: We maintain a Zero-Tolerance for Spam or UCE. Any verified reports will result in you being banned from our system immediately with no questions asked. Additionally, we will pass along any information needed for the proper authorities to take appropriate actions against you.

Entire Agreement

This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding of the parties. Any changes or modifications to this contract thereto are agreed to by both parties.

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